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Specialty Veterinary Services in Lexington

We are here at Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists + Animal Emergency to meet your pet's needs. We provide advanced veterinary care through board-certified veterinarians in a variety of specialties.

Please Note: A referral and medical records are required from your primary care veterinarian before making an appointment with one of our specialists.

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Hyperbaric O2 Therapy

Breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment to fight bacteria, thanks to the extra oxygen the red blood cells will carry.

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  • Hyperbaric O2 Therapy

    Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists + Animal Emergency uses hyperbaric O2 therapy to reduce inflammation, improve tissue salvage, stimulate red blood cell production, accelerate bacterial killing, and much more.
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Emergency Care

Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists + Animal Emergency is open 24/7 for emergencies and is accepting patients for advanced diagnostic appointments. Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Lexington companion animals. 

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