Internal Medicine for Serious or Chronic Disorders

At Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists + Animal Emergency, our board-certified internist relies on a wide array of blood tests to ascertain the cause of your pet’s illness as well as digital radiography, endoscopy and ultrasound.

  • Evaluation of any and all internal organ systems including:  gastrointestinal, liver, spleen, urinary tract, respiratory tract, cardiovascular system, neurology, and infectious diseases.
  • Oncology evaluation and treatment.
  • Upper GI endoscopy (gastroduodenoscopy)
  • Lower GI endoscopy (colonoscopy)
  • Rhinoscopy (endoscopy of nasal cavities and throat)
  • Bronchoscopy (endoscopy of airways)
  • Cystoscopy (endoscopy of urinary tract)
  • Laparoscopy (endoscopy through a 5-mm incision to evaluate and obtain samples from internal organs)
  • Urethral stents (to open blocked or narrowed urethras)
  • Tracheal stents (to open blocked or narrowed tracheas)
  • Laser ablation of ectopic ureters or bladder tumors

With ultrasound, your pet benefits from a painless, non-invasive method of examining internal organs and determining whether further medical action is needed. Used in combination with radiology, it can form a highly-effective means of identifying and treating specific health conditions.

Your pet also benefits from the collective experience and expertise of our assembled veterinary team. When necessary, our internists are supported in making their diagnoses by other pet specialists at Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists + Animal Emergency.